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If your family or privately held business is at a growth ceiling, your compensation structure may be to blame. Similarly, if you are not sure how to structure your compensation to keep and attract the best talent, we can help design the right framework to secure the talent you want most. 



Single family offices and privately held businesses have complex employee compensation planning needs. Our accurate benchmarking, evaluating, and incentive planning will align your compensation plans with your family and business goals, incentivizing the behavior you need to achieve your objectives. 



Members of the board of directors in family and privately held businesses can be family members, retired employees, and outside experts. Planning their compensation is complex and requires more than just sifting data. Deep experience with family and privately held companies is the key to getting it right.


Expert Witness

We help legal teams with business litigation that requires compensation expertise. We can prepare reports on executive, employee, and sales management pay, commissions, and incentives, as well as provide expert testimony.