Compensation Consultation

for Family & Privately Held Businesses

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If your family or privately-held business isn't growing the way you want, your executive compensation and incentives structure may be what's holding you back. The right executive compensation program is critical to driving your growth goals. We can help.



When your employees are family, compensation structures are more complicated. You need accurate benchmarking, incentive designing, and organizational structuring.We create compensation structures that align with your family and business strategy.



There is an abundance of data on board of directors' compensation in public companies. The same can't be said for private companies. Add non-employee family members to the equation, and you have complexities beyond the average compensation consultant's expertise. 


Expert Witness

When your legal case requires compensation expertise, we can provide expert reports and testimony. Working seamlessly with your legal team, we provide reports on executive and employee pay, commissions, incentives, and other compensation-related issues. 


Each Family Office Is Unique

Every business is distinct, but family businesses are especially unique. Driving growth requires more than just aligning compensation and long-term incentive planning with business goals. Family offices need a compensation consultant with a deep understanding of private business operations, the nuances of managing in a family environment, and exceptional communication.
Some family businesses are multi-national and demand compensation benchmarking that includes global positions. We have supported families on every continent to build the right compensation and incentive program to integrate with the family and business strategy.
No matter how specialized your family or privately held business is or how many countries it encompasses, we have the expertise to guide you.

Need a Compensation Solution?

Essential Steps in Compensation Planning

  • Benchmarking

    Benchmarking compensation is the first step to formulating a complete compensation plan. We look at not only the available compensation data, but also the industry, location, and type of private business you operate. Family and privately held businesses differ from other types of organizations and have unique benchmarking needs.

  • Evaluating

    The second phase of compensation planning evaluates the benchmarks against the current compensation structure and the business and family goals. Remuneration matters in attaining company growth goals, so getting the evaluation right is essential to creating the right compensation plan.

  • Incentive Planning

    With the benchmarking and evaluation complete, the next step involves designing incentive plans that will motivate the desired behaviors to achieve specific business goals. Incentives can be short-term, such as year-end bonuses or long-term devices used to support the achievement of strategic goals.